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For 25 years the “Smak Ukraiński” restaurant has had the pleasure to entertain  you at the foot of the Wawel, at 15 Kanoniczna Street. Now you will find traditional cuisine and a unique atmosphere at our new address, near Plac Wszystkich Świętych – at 21 Grodzka Street.

Our new interiors are located in a charming, historic tenement house, the history of which dates back to the Middle Ages. Comfortable rooms, air-conditioned cellars and an intimate summer garden – all maintained in the old, tried and tested style. We’ve also made sure that the restaurant has a spot for family celebrations and feasts for organized groups.

Like before, we still serve: Vertuny, Kiev-style pork chops and the already iconic Żarke, all this accompanied by Ukrainian beer and kvass. For those seeking to eat something on their way to Wawel we still cook the most popular in our menu Ukrainian borsch and rich in flavour Lviv-style Solianka soup. In April this year, our offer, in addition to lunch and dinner in the eastern style, has been expanded by a filling breakfast served from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

We believe that we have managed to transfer the character of “Smak Ukraiński” to our new premises. You are most welcome to come and see for yourself if this is true!

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    At our restaurant you can indulge in the atmosphere of the authentic Ukraine. Unique interiors, a family atmosphere and regional interior decorations will make each dish taste even better. Both the taste of our dishes and traditional interior decorations will make you feel as if you were in an intimate restaurant in the very heart of Lviv.


    All our dishes are made according to traditional recipes, which makes them taste homemade and authentically Ukrainian. If you’ve never had the chance to try such delicacies as Żarke or Kruczenyky, you must come and visit us. Our cuisine will let you to taste the true flavour of Ukraine.

    Summer garden

    In our courtyard you will find a summer garden, surrounded by greenery, open April to September. The unique atmosphere of this spot will allow you to relax while exploring Kraków or will provide a brief respite away from the bustle of Grodzka Street, which is visited by large numbers of tourists.



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